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  1. 1 policeman sows fear
  2. CIA kills American citizen in Yemeni with missile fired from drone
  3. Trash collection cost rises 9.5%
  4. Dave Barry: Blowing smoke about tobacco
  5. Texas Executes Man Who Murdered Witnesses in 1988
  6. Spying on Americans is made easier by court Ruling
  7. Arresting Joe Arizona reveals absurdity of Arpaio and Co.
  8. Freedom of Information Act FOIA
  9. Questionable competency from promoters of unconstitutional 'war'
  10. Detroit Free Press -- Federal Agents Make Random Check Points
  11. Is the president of the United States a "moron"?
  12. Feds bound into use of spy powers
  13. Man mistakenly prosecuted on drug charges wins $500,000
  14. Changing orders for police shootings
  15. Woman who had 17 sex toys in car faces charge
  16. South Dakota Suspicions
  17. Delayed Blowback in Indonesia
  18. The FBI Has Bugged Our Public Libraries
  19. A Tale of the Feds and the Frog
  20. FEAR: Drug money finances facility
  21. Reason Express - November 5, 2002
  22. TELECOM Digest
  23. FEAR: You Are a Suspect
  24. FEAR: Fwd: ARO: Utah Lawmakers May Alter Asset-Forfeiture Law
  25. FEAR: UTAH Politicians target forfeiture law
  26. FEAR: Homeland Security -- No place is more secure than the prison
  27. The Future of Freedom Foundation
  29. AI November meeting
  30. Live audio chat with Sister Dianna Ortiz
  31. You Are a Suspect - Homeland Security Act
  32. Homeland Security Watch
  33. Georgia Judge Allows For Mass Search of Protesters
  35. Safire on Government Snooping
  36. Your tax dollars at work - Saddam Hussein impersonator
  37. Wine Ban Law Ruled Unconstitutional
  38. Advocates for SelfGovernment
  39. "This Call May be Monitored or Recorded."
  41. Feds take over airport security New screeners
  42. Military wants right to down passenger jets
  43. How RAF will shoot down airliners
  44. $200,000 settles suit against Arpaio
  45. Maricopa County has paid $200,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former deputy
  46. federal government owes more than 2,500 Arizonans a total of $1.89 million
  47. Light rail construction could be heavy burden on businesses
  48. U.S. rule raises patient fears about privacy
  49. Boom box noise woes may grow Carmakers adding powerful stereos
  50. Young male drivers targeted Car stereos becoming louder and more powerful
  51. Chandler officer's arrest stuns police (normally pigs don't get arrested when they commit crimes)
  52. Ex-Chandler officer sues over Web site
  53. Expansion plan for Civic Plaza: Is it worth it? (Hell No!)
  54. Even when the money's clean, election can still get mighty dirty
  55. Surveillance law permits cloak-and-dagger spying
  56. Coor retirement deal called costly to ASU (and waste of money)
  57. Thank heaven for the anarchy
  58. Officer charged with murder in woman's shooting
  59. public often has a misconception that officers can be perfect all the time (the pig that said that must be smoking crack)
  60. NYC floating plan to put homeless on old cruise ships (socialism is here)
  61. Dancing becomes pub owners' nightmare Most British bars lack license for it
  62. Iranians may spare professor Death sentence brought protests
  63. Finding a sanctuary in Clean Elections
  64. The invisible side of the FBI
  65. An internal probe has cleared the FBI agents who obtained a false confession
  66. Pigs illegally search al-Qaida leader's computer and cellphone
  67. GOP wants to micromanage your life
  68. authorities exaggerated his role in the syndicate and that co-defendants lied under oath
  69. What we can learn from World War II
  70. Homeland Security triumphs Senate clears way for giant new agency
  71. Summer No Obstacle to Fighting Iraq (yea sure! it wouldn't be a problem in Phoenix either)
  72. Job loss over letter to editor is ludicrous
  73. Arresting Joe Arizona reveals absurdity of Arpaio and Co.
  74. In Maricopa County, minorities make up 47 percent of the juvenile population yet account for 59 percent of the youths sent to prison
  75. Appeals court upholds La.'s 197-year-old law against oral, anal sex
  76. Glendale, Tempe, and Mesa libraries censor their adult internet viewers.
  77. High court to rule if libraries must filter out Internet porn
  78. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  79. Cities cracking down on neighborhood blight Codes get stricter
  80. Mill Ave. traffic 'cutters' irk Tempe neighborhood, polic
  81. Bush aide defends missile strike
  82. U.S. Predator missile attack that killed six suspected al-Qaida terrorists
  83. U.S. strike had Yemen backing
  84. U.S. Hails Attack on Car, Yemen Silent
  85. CIA missile strike kills key al-Qaida operative in Yemen
  86. Al-Qaida top aide killed by missile
  87. Is the president of the United States a "moron"?
  88. Canada buzzing on insult of Bush Leader's aide calls president 'moron'
  89. Chretien Rejects Aide Resignation on 'Moron' Quip
  90. Chronicles Of The Galloping Sovietization
  91. Is your kid a nose-bleeder?
  92. Overwhelming odor in Apache Junction
  93. The death of Dawn Rae Nelson was simply not necessary
  94. how to waste tax money. a lesson from the city of scottsdale arizona
  95. Recent U.S. alerts - they were all false!
  96. Death of a prescription-fraud suspect
  97. officer charged with murder in a civilian shooting.
  98. Did payouts to warlords beat Taliban?
  99. The secret side of the U.S. military's war on terrorism is quietly growing
  100. Pentagon defends domestic spying experiment System called terror protection
  101. Bush signs Homeland Security bill Ridge nominated to oversee massive agency THE POLICE STATE IS HERE 11/25/2002
  102. Porn taped at Indiana University 'Shane's World' angers officials
  103. Ten Commandments monument, parkland sale sought in Md. Would end fight about memorial
  104. Colangelo fires back at Walker for comments D-Backs consider action, warn agent about 'slander' well jerry can just f*ck himself
  105. Ex-officer with history of mental illness behind hijack attempt, police say
  106. Phoenix police hope to stem dog shootings with more training Phoenix pigs can't kill enough dogs
  107. Fatal dog shootings by Phoenix police
  108. Police shoot suspected drug dealer
  109. 105 on watch list got visas Terror suspects admitted by U.S. - yea sure the homeland security goons will protect us
  110. Bush OKs legislation to limit insurers' terrorism liability
  111. Mesa police were ordered to shell out $500,000 after a Maricopa County jury found the department was negligent when it falsely accused Markley of selling drugs
  112. Feds study 'trusted traveler' plan Would give some fliers quick screening - this will lead to government royalty
  113. AZ Supreme Court Heard DP Arguments at ASU
  114. department of homeland security badge
  115. Obtaining FEMA Essential Personell ID
  116. the U.S. government is actually contemplating an unprovoked war against Iraq
  117. What We Can Learn from World War II
  118. The Embarrassment and Illegality of the No-Fly Zones
  119. 24 Hour Letter-Writing Marathon
  120. NORML E-Zine
  121. SWAT team invades wrong house; 2 hurt
  122. EFFector
  123. NC drug case dropped, seized money kept
  124. Boycott Big Brother!
  125. Police state in doubt still?
  126. Corporate Cyberstalking: An Invitation to Build Theory
  127. TELECOM Digest - Court OKs Faxed Warrants
  129. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge
  130. FEAR: Fwd: Fw: A Modest Story...a Draconian Outcome
  131. Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill
  132. All Charges Against Kubbys Dismissed in Sechelt Court
  133. The Tax Shift Racket
  134. FBI Whistleblower Harassed?
  135. Reason Express
  136. The only persons guilty of impersonating police officers are those thugs from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
  137. russian web page which is calling america a police state and it right
  138. Voters' antitax sentiments seen altering agendas
  139. Frog sex
  140. Local high school student arrested for hate crime
  141. Higher taxes, guaranteed
  142. Europeans Outlaw Net Hate Speech
  143. Wilmington gets more surveillance cameras
  144. 1984 is only a few years ahead
  145. Welfare worker allegedly schemed for dates
  146. Justice Dept. Wins Wiretap Authority
  147. Which political party do you generally prefer in this election?
  148. Republicans Losing Libertarian Support (any libertarian in their right mind should not support a republican or a democrat)
  149. President Bush's plan for going to war with Iraq
  150. Nat Hentoff: Resistance Rising! True Patriots Networking
  151. Public Funds Drive Winning Campaigns (its unconstitutional too)
  152. Urban Legends
  153. State Coalition Approves Internet Sales Tax Plan
  154. Gov. Davis and his fellow socialists jam the knife of taxes deeper into CA taxpayers
  155. Gilmore Panel May Urge Domestic Spy Effort
  156. Operation patient dies after hunt for stapler
  157. Homeschoolers get knock on door from police
  158. Harvard Law plan on speech causes stir
  159. Appeals Court Rules e-mail users have no privacy rights
  160. Cops track prescription drug users
  161. Taxes, School Bonds & Math
  162. Official results from each state
  163. pic's
  164. AZTEC
  165. you can smoke at george and the dragon (it's not in tempe)
  166. Iranian prof's sentence of death is appealed
  167. Justices to hear challenge to Texas' gay sodomy ban
  168. Investigators are unsure if police-shooting victim pointed gun at officers (he had a gun so the pigs)
  169. Townsfolk unwitting case study 1920s tests backed sterilization theory
  170. Appeals Court overturns limits on some sex businesses' hours
  171. O'Brien accused of covering up sex-abuse case
  172. Phoenix police end officers' clout to negotiate claims
  173. nada
  174. And Al Capone to run the IRS
  175. Nearly half of youth used alcohol in past month (well at least the war on booze is working as good as the war on drugs)
  176. State late in paying breeders Money awarded for dogs, horses that win races
  177. Canadians riled over arrest of hunter along U.S. border
  178. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  179. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  180. Hawaii elects dead lady to U.S. Congress
  181. contentious proposal from attorneys to keep non-lawyers from providing legal services
  182. Germans mocking chancellor on tax
  183. Officer says O'Brien hid abuse by priest when lawman was boy
  184. Officer suspended; refused to jail homeless NYC man
  185. Calls from Maricopa County jail taped illegally
  186. Airports' holiday hauls: 15,982 knives and 1 brick
  187. Is the president of the United States a "moron"?
  188. Lawmakers retire into lap of luxury
  189. Prisoners' lawsuits on own legal track Lawyers screen deluge of filings
  190. Hand-held missiles raise fear of terror Passenger planes are easy targets
  191. Israelis on jet hear boom, feel bump After missile strike, passengers calm
  192. Downtown Tempe festivals bring visitors, city expenses
  193. MAMA owes Tempe $127,000 for the last three festivals
  194. Chandler cops buckling down on seatbelts and raising revenue for city treasury
  195. Bush reinstates bonuses for political appointees
  196. Mexico fights new battle: Corralling 'narco-ballads'
  197. Get a real government passport in Somalia in one hour with the proper bribes
  198. Government goons order car dealer to remove U.S. flag display
  199. Phoenix cops shake down victims of Police crimes
  200. U.S. probe finds lax postal security (what do you expect from government)
  201. Marijuana does not lead to hard drugs, study says
  202. Al-Qaida is considered prime suspect in attacks
  203. Smokers dodge new taxes online, on reservations
  204. Messy Yard Police cracking down on neighborhood blight
  205. Jail inmates' attorneys seek probe of illegal tapings
  206. City of Tempe run Mill Brickyard goes bankrupt (what do you expect when its run by idiots in tempe's government)
  207. Landowner may erect new protest signs
  208. Phoenix seeks big land grab Has plans for Tempe-size area to north (they are only in it for the money - taxes)
  209. Ex-forest employee admits to setting fire (cops & government people never commit crimes - yea sure)
  210. Convictions may fall in brutal Central Park attack (for those of you who think juries never convect innocent people)
  211. Prosecutors want convictions tossed in Central Park jogger assault
  212. Rock Burglars net $20 million 9-year spree in northeast Valley
  213. Rock Burglars net $20 million 9-year spree in northeast Valley
  214. Stevi's Secret She is Libertarian (execpt for the gun thing)
  215. Backers of lenient pot law will try again in 2 years
  216. Supreme Court to consider plow use (like where in the constitution does it mention the feds having the right to regulate plowing)
  217. Solicitor-registration ordinance unconstitutional
  218. My name is John Edgar Hoover, 577-60-1114, 1/1/1895, Washington, D.C.
  220. Reason Express
  221. Police state in doubt still?
  222. Why cops need a lot more power to protect us
  223. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge
  224. First they came for the Muslims
  225. a simpler solution to photo radar
  226. Program to Abolish the Death Penalty
  227. Program to Abolish the Death Penalty
  228. FEAR: Change state's property-seizure law
  229. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging
  230. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging
  231. your website was very unnerving and insulting.....
  232. FEAR: Change state's property-seizure law
  233. your e-mail of March 25th - come on david cut the bullshit and just tell me the lies you have been telling people about me
  234. Bank Failed to Question Huge Deposits
  235. Judge overturns rule limiting Social Security numbers for foreigners
  236. Hypocrite Gore Accepted $50,000 from Fox Owner Murdoch
  237. Press howls as Big Brother gets wired
  238. Feinstein warns that 'Big Brother' could be watching
  239. Government, ACLU reach a pact on Patriot Act data
  240. Exposing the Greens
  241. Arizona Representative Maiorana says "GO FUCK YOURSELF"
  242. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  243. photo id with ss# and birth date required to donate blood
  244. Hardy's Book on 2A
  245. your website was very unnerving and insulting.....
  246. Australia: Kinders slap ban on Santa
  247. Hardy's Book on Second Amendment
  249. You Have The Right To Be Silenced
  250. Designated 'Combatants' Lose Legal Protections
  251. Plan advocates government preschool for all 3- to 4-year-olds
  252. RIAA vs. Naval Academy: Cadets' PCs seized
  253. Lord of the Rings Preview Screening for Amnesty
  254. Oregon governor apologizes for forced sterilizations
  255. 3 Teachers Who Took $60,000 in OT Probed
  256. Tracking fed handouts to radical greens
  257. Tracking fed handouts to radical greens
  258. Appeals court rejects landlord's convictions
  259. MAMA owes Tempe $127,000 for the last three festivals
  260. hits
  261. Phoenix police end officers' clout to negotiate claims
  262. Egypt's highest appeal court today ordered a new trial for prisoner of conscience Saad Eddin Ibrahim and his co-defendants
  263. Archbishop of Canterbury orders blueprint into divorce of church, state
  264. Find out what google tells people about you Assholes like paul putz and david dorn should try this
  265. Please call me if you wish to discuss my "suspicions" and observations from a number of years ago. it would be easier if the asshole would just mail me a copy of the lies he has been telling people about mr
  266. Want a Cover-Up Expert? Kissinger's Your Man
  267. America has become an empire
  268. Homeland Security Act
  269. Hundreds of Billions Being Spent for War on Terrorism
  270. Reason Express
  271. A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  272. Pig wants lap top computer
  273. Gun Control Misses the Target
  274. FEAR: Wrongly seized $1M going back to Fleet customers
  275. We'll All Be Under Surveillance
  276. FEAR: Fwd: A Landmark Case On Land Rights
  277. Cops use stolen funds to but "shiny new badges"
  278. Homeland Security Jokes
  279. free bus passes
  280. anti-government gifs
  281. Federal hunters search Ariz., N.M. for gray wolves Linked to several livestock attacks
  282. Global weapons trade takes all comers Money talks in world arms bazaar
  283. Investigator testifies sniper misread threat in police murder
  284. Santa flap a close call for teacher
  285. Phoenix mulling cuts in police, fire - (it would be nice if they cut all of the cops budget)
  286. locate people with these urs!
  287. Policeman faces trial in Arizona bigamy case
  288. 8,000 DPS files vanish as a racial profiling case arises?
  289. Horse, dog breeders to get checks soon
  290. Breeding a deficit
  291. Bush takes financial leap of faith
  292. Felons cannot ask courts for firearms Supreme Court upholds gun ban
  293. Governor restores rights of FBI agent jailed in Ruby Ridge probe
  294. "Fightin' Whites" mascot
  295. Neighborhood group planning to fix houses
  296. Teacher asks court to toss child-porn case
  297. Suit seeks cleanup of West Valley blight
  298. Female lawmakers urge Iran to end stoning for adultery
  299. Where to find dentist that takes payments
  300. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  301. The morons in the City of Phoenix are doing what???
  302. FBI says 100 terrorist attacks foiled - yea sure :)
  303. Robotic cameras flash out graffiti art
  304. Tax dollars wasted on billboards promoting proper use of storm drains
  305. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  306. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  307. how to get IE (internet explorer) to tell you about its internal files
  308. storm drains are for rain
  309. contracts
  310. dentista
  311. New satellite to measure ice sheets a $282 million waste of money
  312. Arizona justices uphold detention of sex offenders (well you can just take the constitution and shove it up your)
  313. Commission warns of problem if terror role of FBI expanded
  314. put on correct ib, ub,rb, db, wb pages when school starts again
  315. Drew

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